Mink Lashes
Mink Lashes will give you darker, fuller look. Most of all, it's feel very comfortable, light weight and soft. Mink lashes is attach lash by lash, allow your natural lashes to shed naturally. As your lash sheds, so does the extension. Highly recommended.

Eyelash Extensions Full Set -$ 150.00

Natural Set -$ 130.00
Partial Fill -$ 40.00 cash - $5 extra if pay with card

Regular Fill -$ 50.00 cash - $5 extra if pay with card

Extended Fill -$ 65.00 cash - $5 extra if pay with card
Real Mink Fur
Real Mink lashes are a cruelty free product. Lashes are gathered by brushing the mink, then sterilized, sorted into lengths, and then affixed to a tray for sale. Real Mink lashes is not suitable for clients who is allergic with animal.
Real Mink Fur - Set $ 250.00

- Regular Fill $ 75.00 cash - $5 extra with card

- Extented Fill $ 100.00 cash - $5 extra with card
Flair/Cluster Lashes

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Ideal for people highly allergic to eyelash extensions glue.
Flair/Cluster lashes are applied with a Hypo-Allergenic glue that will not burn, swell or irritate your eyelids. Hypo-Allergenic glue is mild, it is not suitable to apply with single lashes. We recommend that you should get a full set done after every month or a month and a half to help your natural lashes shed. Doing so, you will not have to worry ruining your natural lashes and that is the key to wearing Flair/Cluster lashes.

Flair/Cluster - Set $ 75.00 cash - $5 extra if pay with card

- Refill $ 40.00 cash - $5 extra if pay with card
Eyelash Perm $60
Eyelash perm will create a longer, fuller and darker appearance of your natural eyelashes. It is a great alternative to your daily use of mascara and eyelash curlers.

This is a delicate procedure that takes about 60 minutes.

Eyelash perm is perfectly safe and lashes curled can lasts up to 2 months.

No need for daily eyelash curling.

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Eyelash Tinted $25
Eyebrows Tinted $20
Lash & brow tint will create a fuller, darker look for your natural lashes and eyebrows. For those who had long eyelashes that didn't need eyelash extensions but want them to stand out, eyelash tinting will give you dark, tantalizing eyes without using mascara ever again.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting will benefit people that are sensitive to make up, people who are active in sports (especially swimming) and people who have no time to apply make up daily. This process is also ideal for people who wear contact lenses, because they don't have to suffer putting on mascara any longer.